Coach’s Blog – Deadline Drama

The trade deadline turned out to be a bittersweet evening for the Oil Barons as we said goodbye to 2 quality players in Harrison Hendrix and Brock Maschmeyer.

Heading into the deadline with only 1 card the organization faced a tough decision on moving some of our loyal veteran players or trying to add older players via trade. The price to add veterans always centered on us giving up a Lalor,Durkee or Wittenburg and that was not going to happen!

We had planned on keeping Hendrix and Maschmeyer but both players informed us that they were willing to move if it helped the organization. Faced with a tough decision we were blown away with the offers teams made for these 2 players. Not only did we recieve some good young talent that will help right now, we have also set up the organization for the future with these deadline deals.

We wish to thank Brock and Harrison for their loyal service with the MOB and wish them great success in their futures.