Billet Information


Welcome to another exciting year of Oil Barons hockey. We are looking forward
to all of the electrifying goals and saves this season, but are even more excited
to see all our new and current billet families.
Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Many families, who
have billeted in the past, usually look back at their experience with fond
memories. In fact, many families still keep in touch with their players, as they
move through the ranks of college and professional hockey.
Yes, the reality is that not every player/family match will be met with un-denying
success. Sometimes, chemistry and expectations might be lacking to continue on
with the relationship in a positive manner for one or both parties. But when this
happens, we will make every effort to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable
with their arrangement.
Whether you are a new or long-time resident of Fort McMurray, billeting is a great
way to meet people. When you walk into Centerfire Place for an Oil Barons
game, you will notice billet families talking with other billets or the players’
families, sharing their experiences and a laugh.
Each billet family is paid a monthly stipend of $500.00 per player (in addition to
receiving milk & bread coupons) to host a player in their home. In addition, each
family is given two season tickets and two playoff tickets per player billeted.
If you are interested in billeting this season, please contact me at 780-715-5053,
or I would be happy to discuss the billeting opportunities
and the anticipation to welcome you to our Oil Barons family.

Kelly Graham
Billet Coordinator

As a billet family, it is always helpful to have information close at hand as we
make our way through the season. Included in this package you will find:
1. An Oil Barons game schedule, which includes all home and away
2. The Player Code of Conduct that will be signed by the player, revealing
the team’s expectations and player responsibilities.
3. A contact information sheet, which will provide you with important
personal data on your player.
4. A complete list of the Northern Alberta Athletic Association’s Board of
5. A House Rules Form that can be drawn up by you and the player, so
that your expectations within the household are clearly articulated.
We hope that by providing this billet package to you, the rules of conduct
expected by the players both at the rink and off the ice will be clearly outlined.
The balance of this information package is provided to make the billet experience
a positive one.
If you have any questions regarding this package or the billeting process, please
contact the Oil Barons office or Kelly Graham, Billet Coordinator.



All Fort McMurray Oil Barons players, coaches, and other hockey personnel will
represent the hockey club’s tradition of excellence both on and off the ice as
ambassadors of the club.
As an official member of the Fort McMurray Oil Barons, each person must
assume the responsibility of this honor and hold this designation in the highest
regard, doing what he or she can to promote the team as a first-class junior
hockey club.
I. Weekday Activity
The Fort McMurray Oil Barons Board of Directors requires each member of the
hockey club be involved in a regular weekday activity. In most cases, this would
mean every team member would either be enrolled in an educational institution
or be employed on a part-time basis at minimum. If not in school, it is then the
player’s responsibility to participate in a daily activity.
Education – club members enrolled in educational institutions are expected to
attend school regularly and are expected to maintain passing grades in
registered courses. Players that have graduated from high school will be
encouraged to enroll at Keyano College. There will be regular attendance
updates provided by the school to the appropriate people.
Academic institution attendance records will be reported to the Oil Barons office
from associated educational institutions. Telephone calls from any academic
institution to a player billets’ home regarding attendance or any other matter will
be reported to the Coach immediately. The Coach will then report such incidents
to the President for appropriate action.
The Board of Directors strongly believes in post-secondary education and will
help any player achieve their academic goals.
Employment – club members choosing to be employed rather than attend an
academic institution will agree to random checks of attendance and performance
at the place of employment.

II. Evening Activity – curfews (**at the discretion of the coach)
General curfew is set at 12:00 a.m., Monday to Friday, other than on a pre-game
night. This means players will be at home at the designated time.
Players will be required to be in their home residence by 12:00 a.m. after a
weekday home game.
Players will be required to be in their home residence by 11:00 p.m. on a
pregame night.
Post-game curfews will be set after each game and will be communicated to the
billets by group text.
Note: curfews imposed by the coaching staff are subject to change.
III. Illicit Drug and Alcohol Use and Gambling
1. Suspicion or evidence of illicit drug use (or criminal activity) could
result in a complaint to the local R.C.M.P. Any player currently
under investigation for criminal activity may be immediately
suspended by the club pending review.
2. Players under the provincial legal alcohol consumption and
gambling age of 18 years will not consume alcohol or be found in a
gambling establishment while being listed as a member of the
hockey club.
3. Players will be subject to random drug testing throughout the
hockey season.
IV. Dress and Personal Care
1. Players and other hockey personnel are expected to be neatly
dressed and clean at all times.
2. Apparel for all games is dress shoes, slacks, shirt, and tie.
Any change in the above stated dress code will be granted only on the authority
of the General Manager of the hockey club.

V. Community Participation
All players will actively participate in community functions as designated by the
Board of Directors through the General Manager. Examples of some of these
functions could be assistance to the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association,
hospitals, school visits, food banks, or Santa’s Anonymous.
VI. Billets
The Board of Directors requires that each Oil Baron needing a billet be placed
into a billet’s home as soon as possible.
Billets must consent to a Criminal Record Check.
Billets are to be paid according to the honorarium set by the Board of Directors,
along with ten milk tickets and ten bread tickets per month. In addition, billets will
be provided with two Oil Barons season tickets for each player billeted.
It is the player’s responsibility to help with household duties as designated by
their billet. These duties include keeping their rooms clean, helping with food
preparation and clean up, snow removal, and or any other duties that should
VII. Diet
High performance athletes and growing teens need a well-balanced, high calorie
diet. We will be accessing a dietician as part of our education program and
billets are welcomed to attend.
VIII. Conflict and Resolution
Situations of conflict should be brought to the attention of the Billet Coordinator,
should a solution not be reached between the billet and the player. It is the
responsibility of the billet to report any situations to the Billet Coordinator, when a
player’s actions are inappropriate (i.e. violation of curfew, alcohol consumption,
disrupting the household, school or work truancy).
Players are not to switch billets without permission. All issues will be dealt with in
a reasonable timeframe.

IX. Discrimination and Harassment
Discrimination and harassment is behavior that compromises the integrity of
another person and is detrimental to morale, productivity or personal well-being.
This may be presented in actions or remarks relating to race, ethnic origin, color,
religion, age, sex, sexual orientation or other ways that are intended to be
intimidating, humiliating, or malicious.
Such behavior can have serious repercussions on the team environment, for the
individuals involved and those around them and will not be tolerated.
X. Other
Player girlfriends or female companions are not welcome during official Oil
Barons activities unless agreed upon by the President and General Manager. At
no time will girlfriends or female companions be allowed in the Oil Barons
dressing room, travel vehicle, or away game accommodations.
All players will treat community residents with respect and integrity.
General Conduct and Consequences
Players of the Fort McMurray Oil Barons are ambassadors of the organization.
Behavior deemed inappropriate or in violation with this agreement is subject to
review by the General Manager and/or disciplinary committee. Inappropriate
behaviour is subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion from the club.