A heartfelt thank you for 2014-15!

The Oil Barons would like to thank all of our fans, volunteers, billets, parents, players, and staff for everything you did for the organization in our 2014-15 season.

No organization can achieve the kind of longevity and quality that the Oil Barons have become known for without all of your contributions and efforts.

From the billets who open their houses to players to make it a home away from home, to their parents who support them on their journey, to the fans who pack the stands and volunteers who help make the Casman Centre such a great place to watch a hockey game, each is absolutely integral to our continued success.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team, which came closer to a national championship berth than any Oil Barons team has in nearly a decade and a half. We are looking forward to welcoming back many of those players next season to build on their development and success, and looking forward just as much to following the progress of our great alumni as they begin to succeed at the next level of their hockey careers as well.

Thank you all once again – and stay tuned as the foundation is laid for a successful 2015-16 campaign!