New Restrictions at Centerfire Place

With the new AHS COVID-19 Regulations brought into effect, Oil Barons Hockey and Fort McMurray Minor Hockey will continue at Centerfire Place.

However due to the restrictions, attendance at Centerfire Place will be capped at 50% until further notice. The Fort McMurray Oil Barons encourage our fans to get your tickets fast with the limited capacity.

Also due to the restrictions, food and drink will no longer be permitted inside Centerfire Place apart from water on the benches for players only. This means that concessions will not be open and vending machines will also be unavailable. All outside food and drink will no longer be allowed to enter the building.

All previous COVID-19 restrictions remain in place which also includes 100% mask wearing compliance at all times.

The new regulations will be brought into effect beginning December 24th until further notice. We thank everyone for their cooperation regarding the new rules and regulations in place.

We are looking forward to still having hockey in Centerfire Place.